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Addiction and Recovery Intervention Help

Life is full of questions, at Center Point Intervention,
we focus on some very specific ones.

  • Are you living in fear from the effects of addiction on someone you care about?
  • Are you worried that those effects could cause the person you care about to lose his or her profession or career?
  • Has everything you’ve done to help only made the situation worse?
  • Is the person you care about unlikely to ever accept help?
  • Has the person you care about relapsed after previous treatment?
Center Point Intervention has been helping families and professionals find helpful answers to these kinds of questions. We help families and individuals – especially professionals – deal with the problems and pain created by addictive behavior. Combining personal and professional experience with a sincere commitment to help, Center Point Interventions compassionate and supportive approach has made us a valued resource and educator in the field of substance-addicted professionals. Center Point Intervention provides complete intervention, referral and monitoring services, utilizing a variety of approaches – designed specifically for each individual situation.
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